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By Michael Mills

MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) or “alternative operator”.

MVNOs rent coverage from Big Four networks (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) and sell it to customers for less.

The benefit of an MVNO is that you experience the same level of service as a customer on one of the larger networks, but you can often find a calling, texting, and data plans for a fraction of the cost.

MetroPCS is owned and leased by T-Mobile. If you opt for MetroPCS, that means you get T-Mobile’s fast 4G LTE service, as well as unlimited data plans.

Metro PCS authorized dealers in New York are independent owners who can operate their locations.

All new applicants are subject to approval and review by Metro PCS in its sole discretion.

All-Metro PCS distribution programs and the Metro PCS authorized dealer programs are not franchise offerings.

How do I become an authorized dealer for Metro PCS?How do I become an authorized dealer for Metro PCS

MetroPCS is a provider of wireless telephony services. Coverage isn’t available in all areas, but the company is constantly growing.

As coverage expands, so does the need for authorized payment centers. These places sell phones, services, and payments. If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor for the company, do so.

Contact MetroPCS Directly:

Do a preliminary investigation before you begin. For example: Find out what the company needs from you and make sure you understand the whole process.

This information is easily accessible through the company’s website.

Create a Company:

Creating a company involves the standard procedures for starting a company, which include:

  1. Prepare a business plan: This should include basic information about your budget, marketing plans, financial perspective, target market, and staffing levels.
  2. Obtain a Commercial License: Get it from your local business regulator.
  3. Set up contact accounts with the company name: As a MetroPCS dealer, you need an e-mail address, telephone, and fax numbers, and a postal address for messages to the corporate headquarters.

Set up a central location:

MetroPCS is very clear about what is required for a central location.

Do not deviate from the following requirements: Locally easy to find. Your center must be visible and accessible from the main road.

Appearance: MetroPCS needs a clean, organized, well-maintained payment center that is attractive to customers.

Communicated to the office. Your business should have phone lines and a working fax machine.

Proximity to other MetroPCS payment centers. You must not be 3 km away from any other center.

Signaling: There must be enough space to show the standard MetroPCS signage on the outside wall of the commercial building.

Fill out the application:

You must provide all the necessary documents. This includes your business license, proof of insurance, certificate of incorporation.

And if applicable, proof of lease or property contract, and your business plan.

If it is a startup business, your current financial situation, banking details, commercial and authorizations to file criminal, credit, financial, and background checks.

Take the Necessary Training: 

You cannot start your service with MetroPCS or open your business office without taking the company’s first mandatory training course.

This applies to both the owner(s) of the company and the sales team and any new hires.

What deals does MetroPCS have right now?

Metro PCS customers can save a big amount with its free phones and many other attractive offers. Here we give you some of the best deals offered by Metro PCS right now.

Metro PCS $150 rebate instantly for switchers.

Now, new customers can get up to $150 off instantly on any mobile phone when they bring their eligible wireless numbers to Metro PCS and sign up for an unlimited LTE plan.

This offer is available for a limited period. You can walk in any of the Metro PCS authorized dealers and walk out with great mobile phones like LG and Samsung.

Those phones are great with 6-inch screens and 32GB memory. Smartphones like LG K20, ZTE Blade ZMAX, LG Stylo 3 Plus, and Samsung J7 Prime.

Metro PCS $150 rebate instantly for existing customers:

Current customers get a big savings too. When you will add a line to an existing $60 unlimited LTE plan, you will score a $50 rebate instantly.

And thus, making mobile phones like the ZTE Avid 4 and LG Aristo free.

Do you want to upgrade? Selected customers can catch a $50 instant rebate on phones priced $79 and higher if you are on or move to a $60 unlimited LTE plan.

If you are looking for another great deal, Metro PCS is still running its popular 4 for $100 deal. Any existing or new customers who porn-in at least 1 eligible number, he can get 4 lines of unlimited talk, LTE data, and test for just $100 – Fees and taxes included. Since this is a limited time offer, customers need to hurry.

Buy 1 and Get 1 on LG Phones:

It has been started recently and it will remain for a limited time, customers who will buy an LG V30+, LG V30, or LG G6, on the T-Mobile Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), can get a second handset of lesser or equal value (up to $850) for no extra cost at T-mobile, via monthly bill credits.

Existing and new un-carrier customers including T-mobile for Business customers can get up to 6 mobile phones with this new promotional offer.

Moreover, if you are not aware, T-Mobile is the place for Valentine’s Day.

This great deal on LG mobile phones can be merged with the Un-carrier’s deal to purchase a service line and get another free of cost on eligible T-Mobile ONE family plans.

If you have any queries or want to know more about these offers, you can visit its official website for further information on these deals.

What stores sell Metro PCS cards?

Metro PCS is now selling its prepaid calling card at Walmart exclusively.

How much does it cost to open a MetroPCS store?

Through, Metro PCS dealer program, you can operate your own Metro PCS retail store.

As an authorized dealer, you will be a part of one of the most rapidly growing wireless brands.

Liquid capital required – $100,000

Net Worth required – $ 150,000

Total Investment – $ 40,000 to $ 150, 000


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