Business Development Executive Salary

By Michael Mills


A business executive is a person who is responsible for running a Company.

Although the nature of the executive position varies from one organization to another, an executive officer has the same levels of powers.

The company invests executive power in a business executive.

So, business executives are people who run a governmental agency as well as companies. The draft plans for assisting their organizations to grow.

Titles of the Executive Jobs

Executive titles are the impactful and powerful title to hold within a Company.

Executive titles are commonly known as the “C” level titles. “C” stands for “chief” in this context.

Executive business title holders monitor the work being carried out in the industry. The position demands impactful and strong leadership skills.

In the c-level position, employees are entrusted with different powers such as supervision, project execution as well as management.

Business Development Executive Salary

The business executive title holders usually earn 1300 UD to 1500 USD on monthly basis.

The salary may vary from one region to another.

In the United Arab Emirates, the salary of an executive titleholder is 1300 USD. It may be more or less in different regions.

The salary of the Business Development Executive also varies because of the titles of the job.

There are multiple titles within business development executive job positions.

Is Business Development Executive A Good Job?

Business Development Executive is an outstanding job.

Executive Business Development job is enjoyed by the people who like being part of the corporate management team in the companies.

If you have huge leadership and interpersonal skill, you can become a business development executive.

Also, if you are capable of working outstandingly well under pressure, the executive business job is suitable for you.

There are multiple entry-level jobs that work as sales agents, market specialists, etc.

Remember that business executives gain great experience in the field as entry-level business executives.

People also develop their skills in the field while working excessively at an entry-level job position.

If you would like to excel and increase your skills in sales positions, a career as a business executive is most suitable for you.

What Does A Business Development Executive Do?

When you have a good idea regarding the job of a business development executive, you will be able to look for potential job titles.

You will also be able to search for the perfect job positions. Also, remember that every employer is different.

Each employer has unique expertise, skills, and qualifications.

There are multiple job positions vacant for the business development executive positions.

Before you apply for a business development executive job, you should accumulate good knowledge regarding business development executive job.

Following we have provided a comprehensive summary of the business development executive job:

a. Business Development Executive Head Summary

The Business Development Executive gives his complete attention to customer acquisition, prospect management, and lead generation within the Company.

He plays an active role in meeting potential clients in the market. As an executive head of the Company, you will be responsible for research-based business referrals, web leads, and network.

The executive title holder also manages prospective clients orcustomers. Executive business development head offers different types of services.

He prepares and gives additional presentations, works with clients, devises solutions, consults sales process people. He is also responsible for managing energy and eagerness in the Company.

b. Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • Using the Available Opportunities: Recognizing, identifying as well as securing developmental business opportunities; coordination of business generation activities for grabbing opportunities; development of customized targeted strategies of sales using the opportunity
  • Maintaining Business Relationships: Developing business relationships with potential and current clients
  • Good Understanding of Business: Having a basic understanding of client necessities; offering practical solutions and good support
  • Answering and Meeting Clients: Answering all of the questions of clients, give proper answers to call questions, replying to requests of clients for proposals (RFPs)
  • Management of Collaborations: Managing efficient collaborations with leadership and sales to grow, retain and secure accounts
  • Creating Additional Presentations: Creation of informative and knowledgeable presentations, trading shows and conferences, delivering effective information for potential clients at client meetings, etc.
  • Meeting Quotas: Business executive must meet quotes for inactive and active calls, take interviews, meet annual sales goals and organizational objectives
  • Working with Management Team: Collaboration with the management team so as to achieve sales goals with proper forecasting and planning; they also maintain long-term and short-term business development plans

How Can I Become A Good Business Development Executive?

You should avail many training programs for increasing your skills and expertise.

A great sense of the business industry will help you in getting a business executive position holder.

You require great interpersonal and leadership skills for becoming an efficient business development executive.

The role of an executive is strong, powerful, and impactful. Business executive heads are responsible for running an entire organization.

To achieve this end, they attend industry conferences, meetings, networking events as well as discuss details of projects with existing and potential clients.

A business executive should be comfortable while talking to other people.

People should present persuasive, solid, and amazing information about the company’s services and products.

To convince clients persuasively, you should be a strategic and pensive thinker.

You must have leadership, great knowledge of the industry, and interpersonal skills.

This great expertise and skills will help you in succeeding and growing in the competitive market.

How Much Does BDR Make?

There are different statistics available. Early career DBR, mid-career DBR, and experienced DBR have different earnings.

The details of these earnings are below:

  1. Early-Career DBR: An early-career DBR, who has a good experience of 1 to 2 years, earns an average salary of $46,000.
  2. Mid-Career DBR: The mid-career DBR, who has five to 09 years of experience, earns an average salary of $51,000.
  3. Experienced DBR: Experienced DBR earns around $60,000 or more.

All of the salaries may vary from one organization to another. It truly depends on the nature of the organization.


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