How Do You Get Innovative Ideas

By Michael Mills

The most interesting thing is that this is not how entrepreneurs deal with new ideas, initiatives, and strategies.

Of course, they do not hesitate to get rid of a very bad idea and rethink a strategy that is not working.

Therefore, we have separated five attitudes from successful entrepreneurs.

That you can turn your bad ideas into innovations that bring positive returns for the company.

So, how to have innovative ideas will be much easier!

How Do You Get Innovative Ideas


The creation of new businesses begins with the design of new solutions to problems and every good solution begins with listening to the existing problem.

Work Guided

Do not view your initiatives and strategies as final and fixed, but as the best guess of the moment.

And recognize that you must update your guesses frequently and sometimes radically to achieve success.

Build to Learn

Strategies and ideas are abstract, so they have limited capacity to understand what is good and what is bad.

Concrete and constructed things, however, have the power to reveal the truth about the good and the bad quickly.

Be Impatient

Going through a sea of ​​ideas that seem, and may even be, crazy works only if you are impatient to get to what will bring you real measures and results.

Otherwise, you get lost in the midst of so many ideas and may never get where you want to be.

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