How Do You Increase Sales Conversion

By Michael Mills

Much sales-people focus a lot on simply “trying harder” when it comes to how to increase the sales conversion rate.

How about figuring out how to increase your sales conversion rate without wasting time?

What you should focus on is the conversion rates between each of the important activity metrics.

Because understanding and increasing your conversion rates increase your efficiency and, ultimately, will generate more sales and revenue for your business.

How Do You Increase Sales Conversion

Measure Conversion

the first step is to define a method for collecting this number in your store.

The best way depends on the type of establishment, size, audience profile, and location.

For example, Sell on the of pencil and paper only, how many people have entered your store at a certain interval a few times a day, and then extrapolate this interval for the rest of the day.

Store layout

The distribution of products in the store and their grouping has a huge influence on how the consumer perceives them.

A good example is a way supermarkets and grocery stores organize their stores.

Always new

Just like the window, the entire store also needs to be renovated.

Remember that many visits are for exploration.

The customer’s goal is just to “take a look” and get some innovative ideas.

If he goes back to the store and sees everything the same, he doesn’t feel like looking again.

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