How to Become a Sports Journalist

By Michael Mills

Sport journalism is a profession in which journalists report the events and writes reports regarding the sports events and competitions.

Sports journalism had initially started as a hobby and profession for the elites of the society, and transformed into an integral part of the media business.

Nowadays, it is a thriving and flourishing part of the news business, and newspapers that have sections for the sports related news, events and competitions.

 How To Become A Sports Journalist?

Sports journalists create content regarding sports teams, events and competitions for various news platforms such as newspaper, magazine, radio, TV shows, websites etc.

Journalism is a very tough field due to the competitiveness, contesting and rivalry attached to it.

Determined and devoted sports journalists start their career at an entry-level position, at lower salaries and small projects in order to reach the bigger ranks within the industry. Following are some of the requirements of the sports journalist job:

You can acquire and meet the above qualities with the following steps:

Obtaining Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree is the first step towards the best career as a sports journalist.

You must learn foundational skills of writing, critical thinking and various other skills required for a successful journalist.

You can work on yourself during the years at the college. Your hard work and determination during college years will earn you a good career in the sports journalist field.

Making a Portfolio and Getting Experience

Applicants of a Sports Journalist field must have a portfolio, which is a collection of the samples of the applicant’s previous work.

The portfolio can be created while you are studying in college. Your work must demonstrate that you are a hard-working, skilled, intelligent, smart, logical, reasoned, and apt person.

Gaining Necessary Skills for the Sports Journalist Field

There are some necessary skill that you must have as a sports journalist. You can undertake various courses for acquiring these skills such as excellent verbal communication skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, logical reasoning skills, basic computer skills, basic video editing skills etc.

If you want to become a higher sports journalist, you must gain these skills while you are studying.

Master’s Degree

If you want to make it big in the journalism field, you must induct yourself in the Master’s program of the journalism.

Having a Master’s degree would make you stand out among the applicants. You will also have extraordinary skills and experience than a Bachelor’s holding applicant.

So, you must consider continuing study on a serious note.

How Much Does A Sports Journalist Earn?How Much Does A Sports Journalist Earn

A sports journalist must work for a single news agency, and remain loyal to it. It means that the sports journalist should remain content with whatever the agency is offering him.

However, sports journalist can also use his skills on online projects and earn more than his stipulated salary.

The median salary of an average sports journalist is $48, 605. So an entry-level journalist can earn near $50,000 salary having one year experience and a decent portfolio.

$50,000 mark includes bonus, pay and tips too.

How Do You Become A NBA Journalist?How To Become A Sports Journalist

NBA is an honorable National Basketball Association of America. It is a Basketball League, which comprises of the 30 teams.

Working as a NBA journalist is a huge career goal and achievement. Here is how you can become a NBA journalist:

Working Like a Pro

If you do not have necessary skills and qualities of a sports journalist, nobody will help you. So, you must demonstrate yourself as a fine and splendid sports journalist first.

Then, you can take any other steps in the right direction.

Concentrating Upon Writing Material

You really have to have great summarizing and generalization skills. You need to focus upon your writing and critical thinking in order to produce amazing and excellent skills.

So you must practice articulation of your ideas and perceptions into a piece of language most often. Practice makes the man perfect.

Conversational Interview

Interview is all about questioning another person. However, you should carry out the interview as if you both are enjoying the conversation – such should be the style of your sports journalism with the players or sports personalities.

Massive Platform of Your Own

You should have digital marketing platforms and social media profiles of your own. Otherwise, there are no chances of the improvement and enhancement of your career.

Your team must run them proficiently, and spreading news about you far and wide.

Networking with People

As a sports journalist, you must have connections with people in the sports field. You must try to befriend higher people in the NBA journalist community, and get their attention.

Can You Major In Sports Journalism?Can You Major In Sports Journalism

Yes, students can major in the sports journalism in different programs. Some of them include:

  • Investigative journalism
  • Writing for Communication
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Field Reporting
  • Communication Law

What Do Sports Journalists Do?What Do Sports Journalists Do

Journalists follow sports teams of their country, international sports teams, events and competitions closely. They keep records of top players of every sports.

So they also keep an eagle’s eye on the performance of the players, teams and coaches.

They write interesting stories on sports players, world-famous competitions, teams and trending news of the sports field.

Sports journalists also travel from one city to another and one country to another for covering the top sports competitions.


Sports journalism is a field wherein journalists write and create stories upon the sports players, teams and competitions.

You can become a sports journalist by earning a bachelor’s degree. You can also do major in sports journalism.

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