How to Pronounce Entrepreneur

By Michael Mills

An entrepreneur is a person who launches his own business and takes a financial risk in order to achieve success.

Entrepreneur introduces a new business idea and model into the market and identifies an opportunity for making greater benefits.

The main characteristics of an entrepreneur are imagination, creativity, and devotion to the work.

So, the entrepreneurship is the diversified and innovative process that offers society multifaceted and unique activities for offering and bringing new things to society and civilization.

Types of EntrepreneurshipTypes of Entrepreneurship

There are different 9 types of classifications of the entrepreneurship. They are given below:

Administrative Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is related to administrative work, techniques and functions. This type of entrepreneurship includes top-quality management, participative management, and management by consensus.

These characteristics help the business owner in bringing organizational efficiency.

Opportunistic Entrepreneurship

A proverb, “Hit when the iron is hot!” best exhibits this type of entrepreneurship.

Changes occurring into the different fields offer new opportunities of business, which are grabbed by the people right on time.

Acquisitive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, which is retrieved and learned from other competencies, is called acquisitive entrepreneurship.

This type of entrepreneurship brings value to the front or achieves a competitor’s technical capacities.

Incubative Entrepreneurship

This is the type of entrepreneurship that fosters and brings forth new types of ideas and concepts, launching variants of the products of different companies.

This entrepreneurship aims at introducing these ideas into the market, and execute these ideas into the market.

Imitative Entrepreneurship

It is the service operating in a particular area with the purpose to spread technology all over the world.

It is truly the medium that spreads technology in the world.

Private Entrepreneurship

It is the type of entrepreneurship which is executed and initiated under the private sector.

A mutual and rare relationship between public and private sector would increase the speed of the private and public sectors.

Public Entrepreneurship

This is the type of entrepreneurship that is run and executed by the governmental departments. This type of entrepreneurship is executed by various developmental agencies.

Individual Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the type of business that is launched and operated by the person with the help of friends or family.

Mass Entrepreneurship

This is the type of entrepreneurship that occurs when a favorable atmosphere of climate and encouragement exists, which gives people a wide range of opportunities.

So, this type of entrepreneurship is called mass entrepreneurship.

How To Pronounce Entrepreneur?How To Pronounce Entrepreneur

There are some mistakes committed by people when pronouncing entrepreneurs. In order to teach you how to pronounce entrepreneur, we are dividing the word into three parts:


Each part’s pronunciation would be imparted in three separate sections. They are given below:

You Pronounce Entre as “Ontruh”:

You do not just pronounce entrepreneur as “enter” or with the phonics sound of the “e”. Rather, you pronounce it with “O”. Furthermore, you cannot just say “tre” rather you should try to include “uh” in the end of the tre, pronouncing it as “truth”. So, the first part of the entrepreneur is pronounced as “ontruh”.

You Pronounce Pre as “Pruh”:

Next pat of the entrepreneur is “pre”. First of all, you must understand that the entrepreneur middle part is “pre” not “per”. Accordingly, you must pronounce the word as “pruh” not “pre”.

Thus, you will not pronounce the “e” sound, rather you should pronounce the middle part with “o” sound and ending the sound with “h” sound.

Thus, you will be able to pronounce the word entrepreneur till now as “ontruh-pruh”.

You Pronounce “Neur” as “Nuh”:

This is the last part of the entrepreneur. This might be the difficult pronunciation of all other parts of the entrepreneur.

What you need to remember in this part of the word entrepreneur is that “you skip the word “r” and include the sound of the “h” at the end of the word. So, you do not pronounce “neur” but “nuh”.
So, you pronounce entrepreneur as “on-truh-pruh-nuh”.

How “The” Is Pronounced?How “The” Is Pronounced

Generally, the pronunciation of “the” depends on what kind of word is following “the”.

If the word is constant, then we will pronounce it “de” or “the” – the commonly pronounced sound of “the”. However, if the following word is a vowel, “the” pronunciation will dramatically change into “V”.

So, “the” before the vowels would be “thee”.

How Do You Pronounce Last Names?How Do You Pronounce Last Names

It is really difficult to pronounce some of the last names. We make horrendous mistakes, making other person really uncomfortable.

So, you need to actually learn how some of the most common last names are pronounced:

Words                                       Pronunciation
Smith                                        Si-Mi-T
Johnson                                   [YOH] + [HAN] + [SUHN]
Williams                                   wi·lee·uhmz
Johns                                        jownz
Brown                                       brawn
Davis                                        Davis’s (With an extra S)
Miller                                       mi·luh

Pronunciation Described:

The pronunciation of the common last names is really different from their spellings.

So, the people who are not British and American will face difficulty while pronouncing the most common last names.

Our list includes most common last names, whose right pronunciation is described below:

Smith: You do not give the “I” before the “s” sound. Rather, you pronounce it like “si-mi-t, excluding the “h” sound.

Johnson: This is one of the most interesting last names, so you must know how to pronounce it. Johnson has no sound, instead “y” is given as the “J” is silent. So, you pronounce it as “Yoh-Han-Suhn”.

Williams: Traditionally, Williams must be pronounced as the “wi-lee-uhmz”, stressing upon the “lee”. The last part of the Williams is stressed too, adding “h” sound.

Johns: You must use “Johns” as “Jones”, revolving the “w” sound.

Brown: The “o” of the Brown is pronounced as “a”, so the Brown is “Brawn”.

Davis: Davis is given an extras. So, Davis is pronounced as Davis’s.

Miller: It is pronounced as “Mi-Luh”, excluding the “r”. So, you also skip the sound of the “e” and add “uh” instead. Thus, “Mi-Luh” is the correct pronunciation of the Miller.

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