Importance of Problem Solving Skills in Leadership

By Michael Mills

They seek solutions for the business, innovate seek new technology standards learn from their mistakes and solve their own problems.

They propose achievable goals and reach them without having to harm someone that is they are proactive in the situation presented.

They disqualify what is happening ignoring data from the reality of the problem.

Importance of Problem Solving Skills in Leadership

This can be seen at four levels.

Imagine an example, wherein a given business unit there are serious interpersonal problems:

1.The first level of disqualification is the failure to perceive the problem. In this case, the group is not aware of what is happening, although there are frequent conflicts and disagreements.

2.The second level is the distortion of the meaning of what is happening, disqualifying the importance of the problem. In a situation like this, the group recognizes that it has interpersonal relationship problems, but sees this as unimportant. As it is not important, there is no energy investment for the solution.

3.At the third level, the group understands that it has a communication problem, they are aware of its consequences, but they do not believe that there is a possibility of change, disqualifying options.

4.And The last level is the disqualification of personal capacity. People understand that there is a problem, recognize its importance, believe that it is possible to change it. However, they disqualify their own personal ability to intervene in the change.

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