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By Michael Mills

Metro by T-Mobile is an American prepaid wireless service provider. MetroPCS is a brand which is owned by T-Mobile US.

If you are a new user of MetroPCS in Houston, TX, the following guide will be helpful.

About Metro PCS:

MetroPCS Communications takes an urban perspective on communications.

The regional wireless service provider offers the use of its telephone networks without requiring its customers to sign long-term contracts.

Unlike other providers that charge by the minute, MetroPCS offers unlimited flat-rate monthly plans for local and national long-distance services to its approximately 9 million customers.

It operates in about 20 states, primarily in major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Dallas / Fort Worth, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

In 2012 Deutsche Telekom agreed to acquire MetroPCS through a reverse merger and combine it with T-Mobile USA.

MetroPCS will acquire T-Mobile and at the same time issue 74% of its share capital to Deutsche Telekom.

The combined entity, which will retain the T-Mobile name, will serve more than 42 million subscribers.

The carriers have relatively complementary networks and MetroPCS has upgraded much of its network to LTE technology, which is one of T-Mobile’s strategic goals.

Ways to make billing payments in Metro PCS?

You hired Metro PCS but now you don’t know how to pay your bills in MetroPCS payments?

Well, you will realize that it is very easy because below you will find all the information you need to be able to solve your problem about the available methods that MetroPCS has to pay your invoice, so keep reading.

Step by step how to make payments in Metro PCS:

Follow this step by step to make your invoices in metro pcs payments:

– Enter your username and password at

– The site will show you the page to make a payment.

– Enter the metro by T-Mobile phone number in the corresponding field.

– In the next field, confirm the metro by –T- Mobile phone number, that is, you must enter it again.

– Then click Continue or make a payment by logging in.

– Enter the payment amount.

– Finally, pay and confirm.

Does MetroPCS have an automatic payment?

To pay your bill in MetroPCS, you do not need to go to the local store, or receive the bill by mail or pay for shipping costs, because you can pay your bill online with various payment methods.

– Go to the MetroPCS home page.

– Click Pay my bill.

– Then you can select the option to pay the invoice.

– You can also pay with your credit card every month with an automatic payment.

– With automatic payment, you have the amount automatically deducted from your credit or debit card bill.

– With the Express Payment option, you can pay your invoice online without being charged any charges on your account.

– If you want an automatic payment from your prepaid debit card you can choose the option of the Vpay application, you just have to make sure that your prepaid debit card has sufficient funds every month to pay the invoice.

– Although there is a charge for using the BillFloat option, you can also choose it if you want to extend the service after the expiration date.

Can I pay MetroPCS with a check?

The answer is very simple. Not directly, MetroPCS does not accept direct payment by check.

But you can pay with a check by mailing it, the payment will be made within 7 and 10 days with no transaction cost.

But remember that you must indicate on the check the number of your service account.

How to switch to MetroPCS and keep the same number?

“Wireless Number Portability” is a service offered by MetroPCS that allows you to sign up for their prepaid services and carry your number with you from your old provider.

Numbers can be transferred from other wireless services or your home landline service. Once you have made this request, MetroPCS will take care of the transfer process for you and assist you with any questions you may have.

The process takes from as little as an hour to 7 days to complete, depending on your circumstances.

Can I pay my Metro PCS bill over the phone?

Do you also want to know if I can pay my Metro PCS bill over the phone? Well, you just have to call *99 from the Metro PCS phone.

– For wireless service, the cost of the transaction is $2.00. It is a payment that comes true within 2 hours.

– You can also call customer service and the cost is 3.00 and your payment will be applied within 2 hours.

– Remember that MetroPCS has the MyMetro application with which you can make payments with your credit card or debit card.

Can I take an authorized dealership of MetroPCS in Houston, TX?

Yes, you can easily take the authorized dealership of MetroPCS in Houston, TX. There are various benefits which you should know.

Financial Freedom:

With MetroPCS, you can earn limitless. It is all up to you. You can have more control over what you earn.

Low Start-up Costs:

If you bring the right passion and heart to become a MetroPCS dealership, you can start your own business with a very low start-up cost.

Be your boss:

You will be your boss once you become a MetroPCS dealership. And you are not alone, MetroPCS will help you to set up your business.

Customer service:

Contact the customer service phone number of the Metro PCS Wireless entity, for attention for breakdowns, make payments, national and international telephone questions.

Here you will have telephones, location, service centers, technical assistance, and other data about the corporation. MetroPCS also has other operators in case of not being able to contact the user service line, navigate to the main section of the website, or use the map.

Common problems addressed by the customer service unit that answers calls to 1-888-863-8768 include technical support, paying my bill, payment arrangements, and other customer service issues.

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