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By Michael Mills

MetroPCS is one of the leading American prepaid wireless service providers and this brand is owned by T-Mobile US. They are offering the best business opportunity if you want to be a part of MetroPCS.

Prepaid service providers and cell phone companies have become more and more prominent.

Their stores tend to dominate the market, but now many independent companies are doing well.

You will need a couple of basic things if you are thinking of starting a MetroPCS authorized dealer.

Licenses and permits:

To make sure your business is legitimate, secure a tax identification number, and formally choose a business structure.

You can be a sole proprietor, which is the least expensive and easiest for mobile phone stores just starting, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or a Limited Liability Corporation (LLP).

If you want to use a business name other than your legal name as a sole proprietorship or your business name as a business, please present an assumed name certificate.

To open wholesale accounts with a cell MetroPCS provider, obtain a resale certificate.


Starting a Metro PCS business in a physical store will cost you more money, and you need to have a certain amount to start.

This figure all depends on the number of your rented space costs, and if you are going to have employees.


You can run your business in a physical store or through an online store.

If you choose a physical store, you can rent a commercial booth, kiosk, store, or online, or rent space in a mall or shopping center.

Choose a location that has a lot of foot traffic, as this is where most of your business comes from.


At your business location, you will need a computer, Internet connection, and telephone as a minimum.

Also, have a mode of inventory tracking, make, control, and send invoices, and store customer information on the computer.


The most important part of your business will be mobile phones and accessories.

Buy these in bulk, which is what you will have to do if you are opening a physical store.

Even if you have an online business, buying prepaid services in bulk will translate into higher profits.

If you don’t have enough money for inventory start-up and you want to start an online cell phone business, you can choose to have your inventory shipped directly from the provider (called Dropshipping).

Dropshipping is when a manufacturer stores inventory and ships it to a company’s customers.

For-profit, the company has to increase the base price of the items available from the manufacturer.

Dropshipping won’t make you as much money as buying items in bulk.

But, if you sell enough items, it can be lucrative. The key to making this scenario work is to launch a very effective marketing plan.

Why start a MetroPCS authorized dealership?

MetroPCS is the USA’s one of the leading no-annual-contract cell phone services.

They are not only offering a great wireless service but also the convenience and complete freedom that goes along with nationwide coverage.

MetroPCS offers web mobile phone plans, text, and unlimited talk with all-in pricing and regulatory fees included.

It means there no additional charges or unhappy surprises with their no-annual-contract plans.

That means there are no unhappy surprises or additional charges with our no-annual-contract cell phone plans.

Thus, they are offering truly affordable, flexible, and predictable plans to all of their customers.

Truly Affordable:

It does not matter what is the lifestyle of your mobile phone usage, MetroPCS has covered everything.

They offer a range of affordable mobile phones and feature phones that work on their nationwide network.

It is combined with the most affordable cell phone plans. They are the best value for mobile service.


MetroPCS is making it easier for everyone to enjoy services across the US.

Pick any of their feature phones or smartphones and add the services you need such as unlimited calling plans, international text message service, GPS navigation, etc.

Also, you have plenty of options for paying your bills: online, by phone, at a kiosk, or in-store.


With MetroPCS, you will pay what you see.

Your monthly mobile phone bill never changes since local and state taxes and regulatory fees are included already.

Important tips to become a MetroPCS authorized dealer in New York, NY:

– The first thing you need to do to become a MetroPCS authorized dealer is to make sure you have a customer base that can grow easily over time.

The first thing is to determine the magic number of clients needed to cover your expenses.

A Prepaid wireless service with only 100 clients may sound great.

But the important thing is to determine the current and future revenue streams we can achieve.

Before growing, you should conduct demographic research.

– As a wireless service provider, you should set limits from the beginning. When launching a new service, don’t let your customers use it freely.

You may do well by not placing limits on users when you have only 10 clients sharing a 10 mega link, but when you reach 100 clients sharing a 10 mega link, you, as a profitable Internet service provider, will need to establish speed limits for everyone.

The problem with waiting is that original users will get used to the high speed and will not be happy with sharing as your business grows unless you impose some reasonable restrictions upfront.

A great tip when starting a business as an Internet Service Provider is to avoid blocking your network.

Many ISPs believe that setting maximum speed limits for their users will prevent their network from crashing due to congestion.

However, if you have oversold your capacity, it will crash, and speed limits will not suffice. Don’t make this mistake.

If you are serious to start a business with MetroPCS Authorized Dealership, you will get the application on the official website of MetroPCS. You can find it at Fill in the information on your business.

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