Metropcs Authorized Dealer Stockton CA

By Michael Mills

Many of us dream of owning our own business one day. One way to do this is to start with a MetroPCS authorized dealership.

As a prepaid wireless service dealer, you will earn monthly commissions from the MetroPCS company that you activate with the service provider.

You can also make a profit from the cell phone accessories you sell.

What is MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile company. It is an American prepaid wireless service provider.

Previously, they were operating the 5th largest mobile telecommunications network in the USA using code-division multiple access.

If you want to start a new business with MetroPCS, do not hesitate to join this one of the fastest-growing wireless brands in the USA.

They offer no annual contract and providing unlimited wireless service to customers since 2002.

They have already covered the top market in the USA and there are millions of people already enjoying their services and unmatched value and thousands of more people are joining every day.

Go to the business registry office and register the name you want to give yours:

Select a name that reflects the nature of your business. Visit your state comptroller’s website or call their phone number to incorporate your business if you prefer to operate as a corporation.

Visit your local bank and open a corporate account:

MetroPCS prepaid wireless service providers require you to have a corporate account at the bank.

Open a merchant account with your bank. This allows your business to accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and other credit cards.

You will lose a lot of customers if you don’t offer this service.

Search online for T-Mobile or MetroPCS office in your location: 

Visit their stores and take note of the equipment available.

Ask about the commission structure, monthly revolving (frequency and size of repayments), training, and technical support.

Familiarize yourself with the layout of their stores, the furniture, and equipment you need for your stores such as shelves, desks, fax machines, computers, and telephone lines.

Visit available stores in your area: 

Contact the owners when you locate suitable spaces for your business and get more information, including size and monthly rent.

Contact the cellular service provider by visiting their website or calling their toll-free numbers.

Get and fill out the dealer application forms. The service provider will contact you directly or direct you to their main distributors.

Complete, sign, and submit the Dealer Authorization Forms: 

Complete, sign, and submit the Dealer Authorization Forms sent by the cell phone service provider of your choice to the main dealer.

You need to fill out the forms with each service provider. Submit your business registration and certificate, financial statements, business and marketing plans, and banking information when requested.

Wait for the MetroPCS prepaid wireless service providers to approve your requests. Attend training classes to learn the marketing techniques they use for their products and services.

Notify service providers of available locations and request their approval: 

Sign lease agreements with property owners once the service provider approves your concession request and store location.

Contact your local phone service provider and sign up for phone service. Hire a broadband service with a dedicated IP address.

The MetroPCS company requires you to have broadband services with a dedicated IP protocol address at your store.

Contact the cell phone provider to order and pay for the equipment.

Open your business: 

Receive your accessories and other materials from MetroPCS sent by the service provider.

Arrange the equipment on your counters. Place your banner ads in strategic locations throughout your store.

Inform customers of the new plans provided by the cell phone and prepaid wireless service company.

Some important tips to start an authorized dealership of MetroPCS:

– Do a market analysis by reviewing the competition in your area. If there is already a prepaid wireless service store, is another one needed?

Determine if there are enough potential customers that may require prepaid services.

– Write a simple business plan using the information you obtained from the market analysis.

Include information such as the executive summary of what the business is about.

Also consider the management structure, a market analysis based on the information obtained above.

The marketing and sales strategy and how you are going to get financial resources.

– Get familiar with the different types of prepaid services if you haven’t already. Get this information from online sources.

Keep in mind that this information will allow you to better recommend the appropriate prepaid services for different customers.

– Check the regulations for the sale and maintenance of your new business in your state.

Contact or visit the relevant agency to inquire about possible regulations and licenses required in your state.

– Obtain the licenses required to start a wireless prepaid business.

Note that you need a general business license, a sales tax license, and a federal and state employer identification number if you plan to have employees.

Visit the Small Business Administration’s online site, where you can find the business licenses required in your state and specifically for your business.

– Visit your local bank or lending institution to discuss obtaining financing in the form of a small business loan if you don’t have enough starting capital.

Keep in mind that the bank will need information such as the structure of your business, how you will use the loan, your credit history, your experience in the business.

Also, they will ask for the guarantees available and the numbers of your business licenses.

– Find a suitable location for your business using the services of a real estate agency or by searching your area.

Set up a prepaid wireless service provider business in an area with lots of residential and commercial buildings, as these will be your target customers.

– Promote and market your business by creating a website or hiring a web designer to do it for you.

Post flyers and posters in strategic areas such as malls, retail stores, real estate agencies, commercial buildings, and in newspapers.

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