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By Michael Mills

MetroPCS is a prepaid mode wireless service in the United States that is part of T-Mobile US, Inc.

MetroPCS offers to talk, text and data nationwide, depending on plan services, using the GSM, HSPA, HSPA + and 4G LTE from T-Mobile US.

Why take an authorized dealership of MetroPCS?

“MetroPCS is committed to offering 4G LTE phones to consumers with a range of prices and capabilities to ensure that 4G LTE technology is available to everyone and offers the right experience for everyone,” said Tom Keys, president, and chief operating officer of MetroPCS.

“The addition of Huawei as a new provider of 4G LTE technology phones is a big step for us as we continue to expand our portfolio of affordable 4G LTE devices with great features and exceptional value.”

“We are honored to introduce our first 4G LTE device in the United States with the support of the powerful and extensive MetroPCS network,” said Michael Chuang, Executive Vice President of Huawei Device USA.

“MetroPCS is committed to providing its customers with advanced, flexible and affordable smartphone options through its no-contract services, and is the ideal partner for Huawei’s entry into a new era of smartphones and devices.”

The Huawei Activa 4G is available in stores and online for $ 149, plus tax, after instant mail rebate, for a limited period.

As its coverage expands, so they need more and more authorized payment points.

These locations allow activate service, payment service, sell mobile phones, and much more.

If you are interested to become one of the authorized dealers of MetroPCS, you are here at the right place. Here we are going to give you complete details.

Develop your business:

If you are serious to start this business, you need finance to open a store.

You can also take a small loan from the bank. Or you can apply for a credit card and then you can use it to take dealership.

However, using your credit card will affect your credit score.

You can also try a microlender which is a non-profit that allows you to get a small loan for your business.

Think about the costs:

In every business, calculate the cost plays an important role. Think about the cost of the location, its renovation, the salary of the employees, and much more.

Also, think about the counter space, parking, signage, display areas. Everything will be included in your final costs.

Check out demographics:

When you are in search of the best location, make sure to check out the demographics area.

For this, you can also use location analysis companies and marketing companies to learn about the demographics in the area.

If you want to search for yourself, you can use census data to check out the total population around your location.

Plan who will be using your product most likely.

For example, MetroPCS is popular for its value so people with less disposable income are more likely to use it than people with more income.

Another point to check is what other businesses are there in your location. If they’re similar to your business in some way, which is, serving the same people, it will be the best location to start your business.

Fill up the form:

Now you are done with the perfect location to start your business. Now you need to apply to the MetroPCS.

You will find the form at

Fill in all the details property. MetroPCS wants to know you before giving their dealership to you.

So, they will ask you in which location, you want to start a business and where exactly your business is situated.

Also, if you already have a dealership in the past, they will ask about your experience.

Give your financial status:

You must be secure financially to make a MetroPCS store if you do not have already a store.

So, you must show that yes, you are financially secure and you have enough money to start this business.


Once you are done with all the details and information, now it is time to submit it to the Metro PCS.

And wait for a few days for a reply from the company. They will contact you once your application will be accepted by the authorities.

Complete training:

Metro PCS will provide you complete training before you start your own dealership business.

In this training, they will guide you in everything about the basics and how to operate it.

How to make payments online at Metro PCS?

To make payments online at Metro PCS, you must enter its official website from where you can also find out all the benefits that you can access as a customer and the plans at your disposal.

– In fact, one of the benefits that you can access is the monthly payment online.

– The Metro PCS internet payment is suitable for digital payment with a credit card or debit card.

– The online payment of Metro PCS payments is available at, it is the official version to make the payment online and includes the bill pay, payment online.

– To make the payment through MetroPCS bill pay you only need to have an internet connection and enter the official website.

– You must also have the possibility of making a digital payment with a credit card or with your debit card.

– The pcs metro system accepts various forms of payment.

– If you pay online, make sure you are logged in when the payment process begins, as you can choose to pay only with your phone number or by logging in.

– You can also make a quick payment without logging in, by clicking Make a payment and then entering the phone number and confirming it below.

– Then you will enter the amount of the invoice with the data of your credit or debit card with periods or dates that you pay.

– Finally, you will confirm and pay.


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