How Do You Start A Conversation With Customers

By Michael Mills

The first conversation with the client is the moment when the broker can win the client or lose the same.

To ensure you are successful in getting new customers, today’s article will discuss how to start a conversation with your customers, especially during the first contact.

Don’t go straight to business

Both you and the client know that the purpose of the meeting is the possibility of buying, selling, or renting real estate.

Therefore, it is not necessary for you to get straight to the point at the beginning of the conversation.

Show interest in the conversation

Who has never had that experience when someone asks you a question and doesn’t even pay real attention to your answer?

One place where this occurs more often than it should be is in medical offices (now you may remember some experience of this type).

Watch out for curiosity

There is a very thin line that separates curiosity from conceit.

This line is so tenuous that some people may find that some common questions are unnecessary and invasive.

Care for the environment

The first contact with the customer should be made, whenever possible, in a comfortable environment.

That’s because you want to give confidence and you want the customer to feel confident too.

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