What Is The Most Successful Business Model

By Michael Mills

Discover the most used business models today and how to choose the best for your enterprise.

What Is The Most Successful Business Model

Here we will talk about 4 business models: Subscription, Marketplace, Franchise, and Economy.


It basically works like the well-known subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.

The customer is offered a plan module in which he agrees to pay monthly fees or to pay a single installment.


E-commerce is the most effective way to sell products online.

And for small retailers, one of the ways to propagate their brands in this e-commerce is by investing in the Marketplace.

This is a business model by which a reputable company gives space to other merchants to sell its products on its website.


It consists of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, the former assigning the right to use its brand, as well as any guidance for implementing the company.

The franchisee undertakes to pay a fixed amount, which will be stipulated in the contract.


From the most recent business models, the Collaborative Economy has grown considerably.

Characterized by the sharing of objects and services.

Finding out what your future customers want, selecting good partners, and a lot of dedication, are conditional criteria for any of the formats we present.

Although there are other business models, those listed here are on the rise and are likely to remain for a long time.

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