Why Do Advertisers Care About Driving Calls To Their Business

By Michael Mills


Nowadays, employers are creating shop online. Websites and social media profiles are the digital locations of businesses.

From local retailor to the top-brands, everyone has established their shops online.

They earn a bigger profit from their business in the online shops.

To create awareness regarding the online shop, businesses carry out social media and digital advertising campaigns.

These campaigns spread the word regarding the online shop far and wide.

A comprehensive and sound social media advertising strategy is devised.

Multiple advertising elements are put in the strategy such as emails, hyperlinks for the website, and social media profiles as well as phone numbers.

Most employers care about driving calls to business due to a great many reasons.

First of all, explanations of driving calls for business are given below.

Explanation of Driving Calls to the Business:

Phone calls are a convenient and great opportunity offered by businesses. Phones call provide an improved level of service.

Apps and sites cannot offer the same amount of offer that calls do.

Through phone calls, customers can communicate and discuss deals with customer care support of users with great convenience.

Businesses can also demonstrate their efficiency to customers through phone calls.

Phone call service is an enhanced level of customer care service.

Responsive, polite, and disciplined phone call service encourages customers to come back to the business.

Thus, mobile phone calls bring together calling and searching for the customer. So, customers use customer care call services more than ever.

Why Do Advertisers Care About Driving Calls To Their Business?

Choose one correct answer below:

  • They make a quick sale.
  • The younger generation of customers prefers to order packages through phone calls.
  • Conversions rates are most frequently higher through phone calls.
  • Mobile call ads are the proper way to win at the auction.

Correct Answer:  The correct answer is C. Phone calls result in higher conversion rates. So, the generation of revenues higher through phone calls.

Discussion on the Answer:

Other answers are not correct because visits to websites, social media profiles, and email lists also increase leads and sales of the businesses.

Option B is also not correct because of older and younger generations both order packages by filling order form online on the website.

Option D is also not correct because mobile call ads and auctions are not topics of our question.

How Do I Get More Calls From My Business?

Businesses can get more calls from businesses in a few simple ways.

These are simple techniques for driving more calls to businesses. They are given the following:

1.    Adding Phone Call Numbers at Landing Page

If you want people to call you then you need to have a prominently placed number on your landing pages

We deeply believe that phone call numbers of businesses at landing pages will increase conversion rates and sales of businesses.

Since customers would focus upon filling the form of orders, the wide phone call numbers will relax them.

Now, they do not have to fill the entire phone. Instead, they can order by making a phone call to the business’s sales agents.

A phone number works as a distraction that discourages customers to fill out the order form.

Sellers do not support order forms when phone calls utility is questioned. The significance of an inbound call outweighs order forms.

So, we ensure that business owners should utilize call tracking on the main website’s landing page.

If you want the customer to call you rather than fill out an order form, add a phone number.

Make sure to put the phone call number at a highlighted place on the landing page.

When phone call numbers are prominent, users can simply make a phone call and confirm an order without any hassles.

2.      Phone Number As a Key Feature on Main Website

Remember that obscure phone numbers are a huge problem for businesses.

If customers cannot search your number on the website, you will lose the loyalty of the customer.

Customers find it hard to fill out forms. You should put the phone number at a prominent place on the website.

So, visitors should be able to see the phone number on the website conveniently.

In short, try to make phone call number a key feature on your homepage.

3.      Mention “Call Now” and “Call Today” On Website

You should speak in a call-centric language on the website. All of the advertising messages should be written and advertised in a call-centric language.

So, the language on the website, copy as well as landing pages should encourage customers to make phone calls instead.

The call-centric language means phrases such as “Call Now” or “Call Today” in the contact section.

Other parts of the website should also include such phrases.

Other elements should also highlight phone call numbers on the different points of the website.

4.      Phone Number in the Advertisements

Make sure to instruct your advertisers to include phone numbers in the campaign.

Phone numbers should be a focal point of the customer in the campaign ads.

Business owners should also utilize DNI to track the ads, which are generating a huge number of phone calls.

It would also be effective to mention phone numbers in the ads also.

5.      Only Call-Centric Ad Campaigns

There is a new format in Google AdWords that specifically supports the call ad campaigns.

The call-only setup is ideal for encouraging the customer to book orders through calls.

When there is a phone number in the searches, potential customers will tap the phone number and make a phone call.

In these simple ways, businesses can encourage customers to increase conversion rates of business through phone calls.

Why Do Advertisers Care About Driving Calls?

Businesses care more about driving calls because phone calls are 10 times more likely to convert than other primary lead sources.

So, advertisers and businesses care more about driving calls.

Which Client Would You Advise To Advertise On The Google Search Network?

Choose the correct answer:

  1. Jim, who would like to reach people interested in the poetry
  2. Suzy, who would like to reach people interested in China travel industry
  3. Bill, who would like to reach people interested in plumbing services
  4. Carol, who would like to reach people interested in YouTube

Correct Answer: Bill, who would like to reach people interested in plumbing services.

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